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No Picture Available Hello Fellow Callers and Dancers.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer of dancing.

As I write this letter, we are still unpacking from a wonderful weekend of calling and square dancing at the 44th Tennessee State Square and Round Dance Convention in Gatlinburg, TN, which had a total attendance of 1,314 dancers from 25 states and Canada. There were a total of 101 square dancers and round dancers representing Florida!! GO FLORIDA!

As many of the square dancers have been traveling around the United States and other countries as well, I thought this month’s President’s message would be a great way to remind the callers and the dancers around the State of Florida that there are wonderful conventions to go to around the United States as well as many countries. The other countries all use the same calls we use here in the United States for those dancers that were not aware of that. Check out your monthly Bow and Swing for locations as well as the Grapevine newsletter from Jacksonville for locations and news.

We can also help promote the success of these conventions including our upcoming 65th Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention in February 2019, to the new dancers and other experienced dancers that we meet thru our travels.

There are many dancers out there that are not aware of all the other dancing opportunities they have while they are traveling. These conventions are an added opportunity for callers and dancers to meet and make new friends and see that square dancing is not just the local club which is so vital to our wonderful pastime, but we are also a big dancing family that we want to have continue for generations to come.

When new dancers go to these conventions they get even more excited about our wonderful pastime and bring in more family and friends into our dancing world. We as callers also need to be sure and teach the dancers all the calls so they will be prepared to successfully dance at the conventions at whatever level they are at.

Some of the “pit crew” for the 65th Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention in February 2019 were in attendance at the Kansas City , Mo. National Convention spreading the word of our upcoming and exciting convention in February 2019. There was also a table set-up at the Tennessee State Convention promoting our Florida State Square and Round Dance Convention courtesy of Pam Kelley of Granada Squares Denim and Lace Square Dance Club of Ormond Beach. We Central Florida Square Dancers were the talk of Gatlinburg ,Tennessee even on the streets outside of the dancing with many of us wearing Mickey and Minnie mouse ears everywhere we went.

Everyone wanted to know what was up with the “‘ears” and they were such ice breakers to let folks know where we were from . This brought a lot of interest to the square dancers by the public in general and the dancers , beginners and experienced. It was definitely easy to spot Florida dancers in a crowd of dancers!

I got to experience a lot of high energy calling , square dancing and “Hot Hash” that was on FIRE which is what we are striving for with our 65th Florida State Square and Round Dance “ Green Flag” Convention. So all callers, cuers and dancers , experienced and new let’s all start getting tuned up for the most exciting convention yet.

Callers I hope you are all working on your high energy music and choreography . Thanks again for all the dancers out there who have stayed in Florida that have supported the local clubs and are getting that extra floor time with those calls they are still mastering.

Let’s support our “pit crews” as they continue their hard work with the planning of our Florida State Convention and tell all the folks out there and let’s have the most successful convention yet! If you have not purchased your ribbons yet, please get your ribbons. You don’t want to miss this exciting convention.

Wishing everyone Happy Dancing wherever you are dancing, drink lots of ice tea and lemonade …it’s summer time . Always remember to have fun with all your fellow dancers !

Until next time , “Be Square” and hoping for more exciting news in October.

Rod Barngrover
President, FCA

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