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No Picture Available Hello Fellow Callers and Dancers.

Well we are now back from the National Square Dance Convention that was held in Kansas City, Mo. We had a great time with all the dancers and we ate lots of Bar-B-Que! The convention had a total of 3,018 dancers from all of the country and 84 dancers from our beautiful State of Florida.

Summer is now felt throughout Florida with the heat and rains of our summer months. Please be sure to support your local clubs during the summer months and enjoy the more relaxed dancing atmosphere that we have in the summer. Remember this is a great time for workshops for the dancers who want to get some extra floor time in before the our 65th Florida State Convention in February 2019 that is going to be full of green flag dancing energy.

The “Pit Crews” for the upcoming 65th Florida State Convention in February 2019 are still hard at work with all the planning for a high energy convention. If you have not purchased your ribbons yet, please go ahead and get your ribbons early . You don’t want to miss this exciting convention.

Don’t forget to help the pit crews with their on-going fund raising efforts that are on-going thru the summer and fall months as we get closer to the 65th Florida State Convention. I hope the callers are all gearing up with some exciting high energy music and calls for the convention.

As we get closer to September and Labor Day we can start counting the days when all our dancers from the north start planning their trips back to Florida. As always I ask that everyone keep all the dancers and callers in their prayers for those who are ill or recovering from surgeries.

Wishing everyone fun and safe summer travels . Happy Dancing wherever you are dancing, drink lots of ice tea and lemonade …it’s one hot summer out there. Always remember to have fun with all your fellow dancers !

Until next time , “Be Square” and hoping for more exciting news in September.

Rod Barngrover
President, FCA

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